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Kitchen Nightmare FIXED!

The Homeowner wanted to upgrade his kitchen with an eye for selling and moving closer to work and social contacts, but the painter short-circuited both his budget and this plan with faulty work while he was out of town. The cheap white paint was brushed and rolled on full of lumps and "let's get out of here quick with his money."  It peeled off with just your fingernail and ruined everything else which was done well to make things nice.

The homeowner considered refacing, considered new doors and drawer fronts and was prepared to get it right the next time.  But we were able to remove all of the paint from the doors and drawer fronts and all that was not sticking -which was about 85% from the casings. We double primed in oil base primer, repainted with a high-grade latex paint for cabinets, clear coated with a clear that is as hard as conventional lacquer and we even upgraded the hinges to the hidden European style. The stark white color was replaced with the warmer SW White Duck. This job is warranted against easy peeling and chipping issues for 5 years and the materials used can be touched up forever with a foam brush or roller by anybody and there is no harsh smell.



Here is another disaster: We got these sent to us by an upset homeowner, who had hired an "expert painter". You can see how good they did the case, and the doors, which were sprayed off site look a little lumpy too! 
This is NOT our work--ours is factory like smooth (HVLP)

I don't know the history, but I am guessing a valiant lady did these only to learn that it was a big mistake. Even the hinges were hard to get off.

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