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Changing the pulls or knobs 

Adding Hidden Hinges

In many cases, we can add hidden hinges to existing doors. But it depends on the thickness of the outer edge of the door. If you have the old timey 3/8 in lipped doors which might come with a kind of barn door hinges or even a simple old hinge, you should consider buying new doors since the hinges are about the same price once you add the labor.

To learn more look it up on Google, but when an estimate is done at your home, we can guestimate whether or not it can be done. The overlay is the distance one either side of the door that cover the opening. You measure the width of the door and subtract the width of the opening (don't just measure the current overlay since those face frame mounted hinges can be about anywhere) subtract the difference and divide by two. This is the overlay that centers the door. 7/16ths is the smallest we've ever used. The closer you get to the center of the chart the smaller the overlay.

We can change the pulls on you doors and drawers. This often involves filling old holes. We need to know early about any changes.

The distance between the centers of the holes in cabinet pulls that we work with are on the   Krieg Cabinet Jig:

The setting we use going from largest to smallest are:

128 mm,
5 inch
4 1/2 inch
4 inch,
96 mm,      (3 3/4 inch is not on the template)
3 1/2 inch 
3 inch
2 1/2 inch


When your receive your estimate, we can tell you if your cabinet doors can be converted using hidden hinges. Some doors are borderline and have to be tested. The price will be for using the same style hinges you have. Once hired, we will have the doors tested to show that they are think enough, etc. Generally the customer buys the new hinges, but we advise. For small overly soft close hinges, getting them shipped can take a minute, even on Amazon Prime.  The boring and the filling of old holes left on the frame to be filled are additional charges which depend on a few factors.

The chart to your right is not to scale and does not contain only the overlay sizes, it is just a chart of measurement helpful for small overlay doors found on old cabinet doors. It may help you visualize what is going on. In most cases, the same overlay is done on all doors, but you better check since I just saw one old cabinet with at least two sizes of overlays....

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