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We strip ceilings and wallpaper:

Many people have ceiling and wallpaper issues. Ceilings are often stained from leaks or even falling down in places. We can fix all of that.   Wall paper was really big at one time and many homes have it and they want it down. We can help you with this or, if you have a tear, a bubble, or just can't get it down we have experience solving all of these problems. We don't hang paper, but sometimes can repair it. In the case of very stubborn paper, we can seal it and paint it over in a way that you can't tell that it is still there and it will be permanant and waterproof. We offer textures and faux finishes as one solution too.

Acousitic popcorn removal:

Most of the time this stuff comes off easy. Rarely, it is stubborn and you have to float out and smooth just about the whole room. 


Stubborn Wallpaper:

Sometimes wallpaper has been applied directly to the wall board with next to no prep and is only removable by scarring up the walls and then patiently removing any residual paste. Then you have to float out the holes and any tiny bits of paper remaining.

What we often do is seal with a product similar to "Kilz". Sand the seams away, float out the seams, cut and smooth any bubbles or rounded corners and then paint or faux or texture or some combo of these.

Big patches are kind of rare:


We were hired to smooth a ceiling but soon realized that a big area was bowed. It was a roofer issue at one time, water had dripped down. Repair from above was going to be hard. The discovery that the can lights were free floating attached only to the sheetroock was a surprise. We pulled it out at the seams and then cut half circles in two peices and put it back together. Knowing about the can lights, we glued them down with a gripping caulk in the whole kitchen. 

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